Transgender Discrimination

02/17/2011 § Leave a comment

thumb up to governor patrick for banning discrimination against transgender workers in state jobs through an executive order.  its a step towards recognition on a long road ahead..

7% of the american population lives off of $10,000 a year or less.  but double the number (15%) of all transgender people earn less than $10,000.  to layer race, a cruel 35% of all black transgender americans survive with incomes under $10,000.  so, banning discrimination is one thing.  but what about some affirmative action for trans folks?  and of course this is only state jobs; the legislative fight on private employment is another animal.

nonetheless, i guess this presents the difference between patrick and mitt romney (who is quietly attempting to circumvent MA anti-discrimination protections won for gay and lesbian residents).  so we take what we can get.. congrats to the activists and community.

globe article:

Patrick bans discrimination against transgender state workers

By Michael Levenson, Globe Staff

Governor Deval Patrick today quietly issued an executive order banning discrimination against transgender workers in state government, a move that advocates view as a first step toward passing statewide legislation.

Patrick signed the order in a private ceremony in his office that was attended by advocates and several transgender state employees. He did not list the event on his public schedule or send out a press release about the executive order.

greene_sjcgants2_met.jpgAdvocates said the order, which adds “gender expression and identity” to the state’s official rules banning discrimination on the basis of race, gender, religion, and other characteristics, would send a powerful message.

“It opens up to the community the fact that transgender people need to be hired and treated properly,” said Diane DeLap, a transgender worker in the state’s Division of Workforce Development, who attended today’s ceremony.

Advocates have been pushing the state to pass a similar measure in the Legislature that would ban discrimination against transgender workers in housing, public accommodations, and private sector workplaces.

Opponents have derided that measure as “the bathroom bill,” asserting it would allow the sexes to commingle in public bathrooms. Supporters have said that label is offensive, and the measure would not sanction coed bathrooms.

Patrick has supported the bill, and advocates today expressed hope that his executive order would spur the Legislature to act.

“If we’ve got 100 yards to go, this gets us to the 25-yard line,” said Beth I. Z. Boland, a former president of the Women’s Bar Association, and supporter of the bill.


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