18 seconds over border

01/04/2011 § Leave a comment

here’s the fundamental point.  you can build walls and shoot hundreds of migrants a year (we do) who try to cross the border.  but until we address the economic devastation that US wreaks on mexico and other poor countries, we will never stop immigration that circumvents the “legal” quota system.  republicans and most democrats including obama spout this “we need to secure our borders first before passing the DREAM act or any other immigration reform” bullsh*t, which has gotten us nowhere except to militarize the border at exorbitant cost, and cause unneeded death and suffering of poor people.

i would ask you to think of undocumented immigrants, not as “illegals” (obviously) but as ECONOMIC REFUGEES.  i start with the premise that most people would rather stay in their country with their families and communities.  not trek across a border, endure dehydration and physical trial, get shot at by americans, risk your life, and get treated like sh*t in a country of wealth.  why dont we examine NAFTA and the neoliberal policies we enforce on these countries that have made it impossible for farmers to survive because they now have to compete with american agribusiness, or because the US and IMF required their country to privatize water systems leaving people utterly desperate and assed out.

the debate in this country is so skewed and purposefully ignorant, sometimes there’s nothing to do but rant.  this is a rant.


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