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as a hip hop fan, i always feared the day when i would stopped being moved by youth music.  i wondered if there would end up being a separate radio station for my hip hop era (like an oldies hip hop station) and then the hot 97 or kmel or jamm’n would be playing some post school electro flip flop rap or whatever.

the (kinda) new roots albums > so mature they are futuristic.

it doesnt resolve my fear of getting old, but whats comforting is to realize that the greats of my youth might end up staying great in adulthood.  i guess when i was a teenager i thought it would be corny/unlikely for dudes to stay rapping when they were over 30.  pac and biggie were killed young and jay z’ non-retirement(s) has sort of structured the frame.

the roots have always been a different brand, but its nonetheless inspiring for their 9th album to feel as fresh/pertinent/poignant as it is.  maybe my favorite album since phrenology.

as a bonus, joining rap pillar black thought are two of my favorite rappers, twice: phonte (of little brother) and blu.  whats crazy is following their art for years, and then picking up (downloading) the new album and seeing they’re all together. its like the same elementary excitement when batman, superman and xmen or something were in the same cross over cartoon.  ultimate!!

anyway, this one is kind of intense but yea


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