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07/02/2010 § 1 Comment

[asia pacific forum radio WBAI 99.5 in nyc]

i was coming close to indefinite hiatus w this blog.  my writing has trended inversely to life activity.  too busy in general and too overwhelmed by the task of articulation.

but i dont want to give up.  so im checking my all-or-nothing binary and am scaling down my expectations for this project.  reducing post frequency will probably lose some visitors, but one of my fav bloggers kloncke has done the hard creative work of getting easy with that anxiety.

so since the last post, i spent a manic week in detroit for the USSF and came out on the other side a year older (28) and energized by the energy of the 15,000+ activists who gathered.  i came with 8 members from BWA, seen below at the vast opening march, stretching 15 blocks down detroit’s woodward ave. 

the top photo is our contingent of 250 exhausted NE Freedom Riders – rest-stopping 12 of 14 hours into the grueling bus ride home – representing 30+ left organizations including 150 youth.

audio is from an interview that i gave to asian pacific forum, who did a aural cross section of API participants of the forum and captures some of the sensibilities of the week.

im deliberately not making this a detroit debrief.  more of a cheaty report back using existing media.  again, avoiding re: overwhelming task of articulation.

but i will reaffirm my personal bio:  < interests: revolutionary transformation in my lifetime >

out of detroit, it feels more urgent than ever, and more difficult than imaginable.  but the USSF slogan is also: another world is possible, another US is necessary.  and i agree.

so turning 28, with one less (egoistic) year to win, it was a good year behind me but i rededicate myself to fight.

its not exact, but am moved to invoke Amilcar Cabral:

We must practice revolutionary democracy in every aspect of our Party life. Every responsible member must have the courage of his responsibilities, exacting from others a proper respect for his work and properly respecting the work of others. Hide nothing from the masses of our people. Tell no lies. Expose lies whenever they are told. Mask no difficulties, mistakes, failures.

Claim no easy victories…


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  • kloncke says:

    Aaron Tanaka you are inspiring. Online and off. And those are some beautiful photos. I’m curious about the USSF and how radical/revolutionary the tone was there…I went to a World Social Forum in Nairobi one year, and I was pretty surprised at the non-profiteerism that dominated the scene. (Or so it seemed to me. For the first few days they even shut the gates to the local Kenyans who couldn’t afford admission, until protest pressure reversed that decision.)

    Anyway, congrats on spotting that all-or-nothing binary sneaking up on you. 😉

    Also: I’ll be visiting Cambridge/Boston in August, from the 15th through the 18th or so. Will you be around? I would love to get some quality face time for once!

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