invincible detroit

06/18/2010 § Leave a comment

in anticipation of the US Social Forum in detroit starting on tuesday, posting video by underground leftist political fire spitter, invincible.  she is dope in many ways and carves a default niche by virtue of her demographic (white female rapper).  my only request is for some nicer beats (i like this beat).  i know detroit is all f*kked up right now, but some respite from the gloomy soundscape please?  nonetheless, an ill lyricist.  i hope to run into her at the conference.

the philosophical waxation on suffering, death and suicide here in verse 2 of “ropes” is just emphatic:

you know the one where a rabbi, imam and pastor walk in
to a bar to discuss what happens if the caskets dropping
the one inside committed suicide
family spastic sobbin’
the answers come in more flavors than Baskin-Robbins
will god forgive em for the sin?
and will they ever make amends?
or was it the last option off of the path they walked in?
depending on if they believed in hell or heaven
or if there was a chemical imbalance in their cerebellum
or if the pain was overwhelming full of self loathing
feeling plagued by failure like the first males chosen
or what if hell’s frozen, and life was only this purgatory?
full of greed, and murder, war
see i know you heard the story
what if they wait and have faith to reincarnate?
with luck they won’t be stuck again between a rock and hard place
running in a hamster wheel
we wondering what answer’s real
and star gaze pray someone above to keep our heart safe.


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