capitalism, fail

02/01/2010 § 3 Comments


§ 3 Responses to capitalism, fail

  • when the goal of one’s system is to keep people buying things and you take away their ability to do so by usurping all the resources for yourself, why would you be surprised when the whole sh*t collapses on itself? capitalism, fail – indeed. =T

    go see dr. j at harvard next week! u won’t regret it!!!

    stay righteous brodie.

    • @at says:

      thanks colin for the 1st comment and for inspiring me w colinresponse. u made this whole blogging thing appealing. i owe a lot of my musical aesthetic to your influence and its rel that after 10 years on separate coasts we’re still seeing the same things. may the force b w u -@

      • c’mon blud! you have always been one of my greatest teachers and i continue to learn from you to this day and beyond. my only word of advice is this: own your blog and don’t let it own you. =P sh*t may sneak up when ur least expecting it and take over hella more of your precious time than u ever wanted it to. LOL

        stay up!

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